We believe that missional communities (MCs) are the primary organizing structure for the Gracepoint Church. Disciples are made most effectively on mission, in community, and through life-on-life interactions. Therefore, as a church family we focus primarily on the health and growth of our MCs. Jesus calls all of his followers to be radically committed to Him (Matthew 16:24-26). We believe that commitment to Jesus includes commitment to His bride, the church. As a church family, Gracepoint Church wants to express our commitment to Jesus and His bride through involvement in Sunday gatherings (gather), a Missional Community (go), and in a DNA group (grow), all of which provide ample opportunities to steward the gifts and talents God has given us (give).

At Gracepoint Church, it is our focus to help all become disciples (students/learners/followers) of Jesus Christ, and that each disciples also begins to help someone else become a disciple of Jesus (disciples who make disciples).   In order to accomplish the mission of making disciples we must create environments where life-on-life, life in community, and life on mission can occur. We see each other’s lives in the everyday stuff so that people know what it looks like to follow Jesus in all of life.

A MC is a gathering of people located in your closest geographic area (community) that meet together regularly, at least once a month. The MC will consist of families, children, those who are single or married, men and women, and adults of all ages. It is a time for connection and fellowship. It will take place in a home.

The goal of the MC is to provide an atmosphere for connection. It will be a place for those who are currently in DNA groups to connect with other DNA groups from their community and get to expand friendships. But, the goal of a MC is also to provide a place to invite those who are not yet in a DNA group; those who do not yet have any meaningful connections at Gracepoint; or those who do not even attend church. Therefore, MC's are also a place to invite new friends.

If the goal and purpose of MC groups is met, being connection, inviting, fellowship, and discipleship – the by-product will be “going” and “doing.” MC groups may find opportunities to meet the needs of one-another in various ways as they come to know each other personally.  In addition, we hope that MC's may also find a specific area in their community where the missional aspect of the Gospel can be lived out. (Ex: helping a local school, a neighbor, supporting foster families, service projects, or a particular burden the group feels God calling them to). Fellowship and connection happens when we are genuine, we have fun, we grow, and we serve together on mission. This is why we encourage attendance for MC's based upon your geographical location, so that you can have an impact on the specific community where God has placed you.  The by-product of a healthy MC will also eventually result in multiplication. As more and more people are invited and added to a particular MC, it will be necessary to multiply into several MC’s for the geographic area.  This will be a celebration of multiplication, and evidence of God's transforming work through the MC.


Gracepoint Church will be launching our new Missional Communities starting in the Fall of 2015.  Below are the locations of host homes and contact info so you can find the MC for you!  Check out the information as to the dates and times they will meet.  


Justin and Sarah Oberndorfer

13901 Leavenworth Rd.

Basehor KS 66007



Geoff and Heidi Lindsay

13741 Lawrence St

Bonner Springs KS 66012





Andy and Amber Rebar

6280 Arapahoe St

Shawnee 66226



A missional community in the Olathe area is forming now!  If you are interested in being a host home for a monthly get together, please contact Justin at justin@kcgracepoint.com


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