Advent is a time devoted to waiting as believers anticipate the hope that comes in the form of the Savior. The name Advent is derived from the Latin word adventus, which means “arrival.” This season anticipates the arrival of Christ! Advent not only looks back to the birth of Christ more than 2,000 years earlier, it also remembers Christ’s presence here with us now, and it anticipates His promised return.
 Just as a family prepares for a guest to visit, so we prepare our hearts and lives for the celebration of the Christ child. Each week Gracepoint Church will provide an Advent Weekly Study Guide that will go along with the sermons each week.  The weekly Study Guide is available for personal study for deeper understanding of the sermon content, and it is also  available for DNA Groups to study together. There will also be family activites that you can do during this Advent season.

Family Advent Activities

It is important to spend time as a family preparing our hearts individually, as well as our homes, for Jesus Christ.  Advent time is when we read the scripture that tells about the birth of the coming Savior, baby Jesus, and we remember the hope we all have because of His birth!  Below are links to a few family activities you can do along with your Bible reading this season.

1.) "You've Been Blessed" - This is a surprise gift that you can do for neighbors.

2.) "My Gift to Jesus" - Have your children circle the year and write down their gift to Jesus this year.  Save them and re-read them together as a family each year.  

Week 1 Prophecy

Week 2 Shepherds

Christmas Eve 2015