Family Advent

Come join us each Wednesday in December! Everyone at Gracepoint Church will meet together at 6:30 pm for a time of Christmas music, interactive activity for all ages, and then Pastor Justin will give a brief teaching to build on the Daily Advent Guide. Each family (or “adopted family” as individuals need to combine) will divide into their family group to go through the Bible passage and discussion questions together.

We have several goals for this special time: (1) to lead parents in how to teach their kids what the Bible says; (2) for adults of all generations to model worship for the children; (3) to demonstrate that God is fun, exciting, powerful and has a plan for each of us; (4) to give families a starting-point for spiritual dialogue; and (5) to teach families how to pray together. In addition, we want to provide an avenue for all who attend Gracepoint Church to remain focused on the gift that we have in Jesus Christ this Christmas season!


We are church that is called by God and sent by God to reach the world. We glorify God by making Christlike Disciples of all the nations. That is our mission, vision and goal. Join us this Sunday and you will experience Christ-centered worship, learn from biblical preaching and be loved by a grace giving community.